Shredder-Extruder Recycling Systems

PureLoop, founded in 2013, But the product itself was created in 1994, they just made it better. PureLoop Specialises in building the most technologically advanced systems for production waste recycling.

  • The Number One and THE specialists in in-house plastic recycling system engineering.
  • Presence in more than 40 countries & around 200 Coax/ ISEC systems across the globe, and to many of the leading producers of plastics.
  • Numerous patents and energy-saving environmental friendly systems, premium quality, durable bolted construction that makes it easier to have an customer centric focus, and forms the basis of their international success.
  • The only shredder extruder combination on the marked using 1 single main engine, direct drive systems, long lasting cutting knifes, easily accessible parts, robust construction, focused on easy access and flexibility.
  • The new generation ISEC Evo® brings together top productivity, residence times under 2 minutes, flexibility, extremely easy of operation and low energy consumption in an unparalleled way.
  • PureLoop systems offer flexibility, low maintenance, low personal intervention, low energy costs, but always the highest quality pellets: thanks to our unique intake slider you ca process pellets as well as lumps, yarn, film or any other form into high quality pellets on 1 single ISEC Evo machine with only one simple turn of a key.