Process Waste Handling & Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Kongskilde Industries is a global company with headquarters in Denmark and sales offices in 9 countries. For more than 70 years, Kongskilde has been at the forefront of materials handling using high pressure blowers. These systems are now commonplace in many factories around the world to convey granules, pellets, flakes, off-cuts and more in an efficient manner.

Kongskilde specialises in the conveying, compaction and cleaning of process waste within the paper, plastics and packaging industries, thus providing access to trade-oriented know-how on process material handling.

Dedusting and Separation

  • Dedusting can be added to many recycling processes to improve the quality of the recycled material and also used for taking dust out of virgin plastic granules to optimize the extrusion.
  • Separation can be used to dissimilar material by separating them according to weight.

Pneumatic Material Conveying

  • Pneumatic conveying systems using the Kongskilde high pressure blower can be used for conveying a wide range of granules, flakes or finished products suitable for pneumatic conveying. The wide range of blower guarantee the lowest possible energy consumption and the flexible pipe system optimize the use of the floor space available in any production facility

Trim Handling

  • A wide range of pneumatic trim handling solutions are offered either for induvial production machines or a central trim extraction system for a complete production area. The trim handling system also allows for in-line cutting to minimize the waste volume and for more production machines to be into one trim handling system. All systems are customized designed based on the client’s specifications.


  • Off-cuts in connection with production of boxes or where similar production technologies are used generate a lot of waste in the production area, waste a Kongskilde conveying system easy can remove to optimize production and at the same time free manpower from waste removal to focus on production.

Batch Conveying

  • Gentle conveying of molded parts or other materials/crops using a Kongskilde Component Vacuum Loader moving the materials using vacuum to the discharge unit with is controlled by a timer, so it matches the batch sequence from the production machine. One Kongskilde high pressure blower can be used for more CVL discharge units in one system