Used / Refurbished Machines

Experience reveals off-late several customers (new entrants, medium scale professional recyclers, companies handling low volume of waste or even to meet urgent delivery requirement), prefer to opt for a used / refurbished machine(s). This is where Leevams can rightly support them. Most of our Principals can offer such machines.

Advantage of buying such used / refurbished machine(s) from the producers of the technology itself is – it is backed by a firm recommendation about its suitability for the desired application. In case of refurbished machine(s), the supply is with original spare parts for a better performance, longer service life and reliability; at times even with a warranty.

Provided link will help you take a glance at the available machine(s). If the machine that you are searching is not in the list, kindly contact us citing your application details. We will try and help you.