About Us

Late Shri V. M. Mehta, Father, laid the foundation stone for the family business way back in 1959. His sheer efforts resulted as a well-deserved reputation, making the small enterprise very strong.

Manufacturing of ‘VM’ Hand Operated Shears raised the curtain. The top-of-the-quality product recognition, price leadership and No. 1 status, soon got established in the Indian Market.

‘VM’ Size Reduction Equipments [Powdering Processing Technologies] got introduced in 1965 and within a few years it created its own brand image & market reputation. Today, Kaps Engineers is mentored by family seniors, Anil V. Mehta & Mahesh V. Mehta, reining operational responsibilities to the younger generation.

Leevams Incorporated took birth in 2001, initiating Foreign Agency Representation Business under leadership of Deepak V. Mehta, after over 2 decades of his association in the family business handling manufacturing, service after sales & marketing operations. Business since then is on a constant rise, with each addition of Principals and valued Customers.

The family business got a further boost with addition of young & dynamic entrepreneurs – Bhavik D. Mehta & Maharshi D. Mehta - aiming to scale Leevams to a greater height and set newer milestones.


Think global, while vocal for local. Bring the world closer, with minds and markets getting broader.


Yesteryears association in the field of Powder Processing Technology inspired tie-up with Sturtevant, USA in 2003, to continue services to Industries like Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Dyestuff, Mineral, Foodstuff etc.

Over 125 years of market standing & excellent worldwide reputation of Sturtevant is the driving force behind Leevams to be able to offer reliable, dependable & well-proven size reduction and air classification technologies to eventually satisfy customer’s needs.

The need for fine and ultra-fine powders has paved way for 'Leevams' to contribute their every mite in helping customers deliver better end product(s) through matching technologies.

We can say with pride, 'Leevams' offers the best of best powder processing solution in-line with changing market trends, backed by long years experience in the field.


'Leevams' believe in 3 'P' Policy... Physical, Psychological & Philosophical. Agency representation business is a pact between Principal (physical) and Customer (psychological). In order to retain its viability, it has to remain attractive to both, through a strong Management Philosophy: ethics, morals, principles and values with all the fairness & judiciousness.

'Leevams' organizational excellence is achieved through their physical presence on behalf of their principals to ensure psychological well-being of their customers, which in turn greatly rewards the philosophy that Leevams Management has perceived.

Leevams truly believe in "fair wages" and “secured” employment to their team to sustain support and ensure appropriate growth! This practice has prepared dedicated, loyal and independent work-force who cherishes their work, making our social conduct co-operative, realistic, fair & judical.

Transparency in communication and dealings is our hallmark.

  • 'Leevams’ has always opined that corporate goals should be beyond profit & loss. Transactions with employees, suppliers, vendors, principals, customers or for that matter even with competitor-friends should be with ethics, morals and values.
  • As a corporate citizen Leevams team is aware of their responsibility towards the nation, society & environment too and we avert doing anything that can damage its fabric.
  • Good humour is the spice of our daily routine. Smiles reduce miles, so we laugh with each other and not at each other! At 'Leevams', the moment of joy or sorrow, are shared during every walk of life.
  • Even during the phase of “rough grind” our conduct is decent and dignified.
  • Our belief is for the benefit of Team Leevams.

Small But Exquisite. Stability Through Achievements.

Leevams success in the market is dedicated to the world-class technologies, superior application know-how, uncompromising product quality, long service life, trouble-free operation and attached importance to the committed delivery.

We conceive applications consciously and ask the customer to risk their judgmental courage after well deserved conviction. The field often demands confidentiality of information. We maintain secrecy as desired by the customers.

Success is by no means a matter of luck; it’s a true recognition of our customers having rested their confidence in 'Leevams'.

A Word of Confidence

Esteemed user’s are a true mirror reflecting their practical experiences on the supplied technologies and rendered services. We respect and acknowledge their continued patronage, endeavouring continuation of our relationship with still better health and spirit!

Corporate Acknowledgement - Beyond Profit and Loss

In order to sustain business and retain viability, a strong management philosophy is what Leevams believe towards -

  • Customers - Educate & inspire customers to establish global standards.
  • Pan India - Help the country earn global standards and remain aligned with the world.
  • Cost Effectiveness - Provide local manufacturing & service support, as best as possible, thus reduce import investment burden on the customer.
  • Foreign Partners & Customers - Blend business with ethics, morals, principles & values.
  • Transactions - Fair and transparent in communication and dealings. If good humour is the spice for building relationship and if, smiles reduce miles… Make it a way of life!

Our Team

At "Leevams" there are no individuals, only 'Team Leevams'. A dedicated force shouldering the trail since 20 years; a team, whose inspiration has been a part of the Indian Engineering Industry since 1959.

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    Deepak V. MehtaFounder & Managing Director

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    Bhavik D. MehtaDirector

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    Maharshi D. MehtaDirector